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Gals Ltd is a member of prestigious associations, in particular, Association of Producers of the Carpathian Region, Ukrainian Association of Organic Producers, Bukovyna Employers Association.

What is Association of Producers of the Carpathian Region?

The Carpathians is the Europe’s biggest mountain range and a true treasure of incredible beauty having an immense ecological value. Production of traditional farm products is the prime direction of production development in the Ukrainian Carpathians. The region has inherited rich historical culture and tremendous experience of farming production. The Ukrainian Carpathians is one of the regions famous for their traditional local cuisine, and the so-called ‘Carpathian taste’ is well known far beyond Ukraine!

Trade Mark ‘Ukrainian Carpathian Taste’ is an institutional mechanism of licensing system which determines and provides for an efficient exercising of property right, use of the trade mark and promotion of quality food from the Ukrainian Carpathians. Being focused on both national and international consumers, especially urban population from Ukrainian cities and various European countries, the trade mark favours successful representation and sales of a wide range of quality products from the Ukrainian Carpathians.

This trade mark offers good advantages to consumers who receive access to selected high quality products. The logo of the ‘Ukrainian Carpathian Taste’ TM indicates the origin and is applied after a quality control process to guarantee that all products under this TM have excellent taste and are made in compliance with high quality requirements set by the TM standards. Products under the trade mark logo are positively distinguished from mass production food, thus, promoting trust and liking of the TM.