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Gals Ltd to fight diabetes

Diabetes Worldwide.

About 366 million suffer from diabetes. The figure is constantly increasing to spread the illness worldwide due to growing number of people with excessive weight caused mostly by dietary habits combined with lack of physical activities.

Diabetes is forecasted to hold the seventh place of the causes of death with estimated 520 million diabetic patients by 2030. As it is expected, the death rate caused by diabetes will grow by 50% in the next 10 years.

Diabetes is dangerous not by just being widespread but rather in terms of its destructive effect on human organism and numerous severe complications. Diabetes is a primary cause of blindness worldwide and in our country in particular, kidney malfunction and insufficiency, cardiac infarction, and stroke that is disturbed cerebral blood circulation.

Diabetes in Ukraine

The number of diabetic patients has increased by 1.5 over past 10 years. A tendency of annual increase of diabetic cases is observed not only among adults but children as well.

Currently, over 1.3 million diabetic patients are registered in Ukraine that makes 3% of population. If the calculations consider that 2-3 undiagnosed cases fall to every recorded case, it is obvious that we can speak of over 2-2.5 million suffering from the illness by now.

120 thousand new cases of diabetes are recorded every year.

Gals Ltd to Fight Diabetes

The management of Gals Ltd could not, certainly, remain uninvolved in the situation when an illness increasingly affected millions both in our country and worldwide.

In 2008, Gals Ltd took the first steps to develop a range of dietetic juices based on birch sap. Following researches produced by O.M. Marzeev Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology, Academy of Medical Sciences, Ukraine, in 2009, dietetic juices under Glybkon Trade Mark were recommended to be included in diets, especially by diabetic patients and those on weight-control diets. These products are unique and have no analogues in Ukraine. Gals Ltd remains the only Ukrainian producer of dietetic juices based on birch sap. These juices due to their chemical composition have additionally a number of nutritional and medicinal properties, beneficial to health if compared with other juices.

Thanks to low calorie value of Glybkon birch juices (3.2 kcal/100 g), they can be drunk by people on diet as an alternative to water with a better health effect.

Products of Gals Ltd are often discussed at specialized conferences dedicated to the problem of diabetes, and were a subject to a good number of printed issues.