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How is birch sap collected?


Birch sap is collected from birch trunks in the early spring.

The exact time for tapping birch sap is difficult to determine, as it depends on weather conditions. For example, if during March thaw birch sap has already started tapping and suddenly it became freezing, the sap may stop tapping for some time. However, the sap starts running when the snow melts and the buds swell, which usually happens in the middle of March. At that time birch sap moves intensively in the trunk, people call it called birch crying. This period lasts for about 15-20 days, and the sap collected within this period of time is not only sweet, but also useful.

It’s best to choose a birch with the diameter of minimum 20 cm and a well-developed crown for collecting the sap. A small hole is accurately drilled on the trunk 20 cm. from the ground. It’s essential to know that the sap mainly moves in the surface layer between the bark and the pulp, so it is not necessary to make a deep hole. A birch bark or other semicircular gutter is placed in the hole to lead the sap. The gutter shall lead into the jar or bottle.

The best time to collect the sap is between noon and 6 p.m., when it runs mist intensively. The number of holes you can make depends on the diameter of the tree: if 20-25 cm.– then only one; if 25-35 – two, if 35-40 – three, but if the diameter is over 40 cm – it is allowed to make four holes.

The collection of birch sap shall stop before the small sticky green leaves shoot forth. And this usually happens a month before the appearance of full-bodied leaves, approximately in the second half of April.

After finishing the collection of birch sap, you should tightly cover the hole with wax, cork, plasticine or moss, so that bacteria or pests, that can be harmful for the life of the tree, could not get into the trunk.

Birch tears should only be collected in ecologically clean forests as the tree can absorb harmful substances and exhaust fumes.

Our company collects birch sap only from special areas, which are tested by international certifying organizations every year (that take soil samples, check proximity to pollution sources, ecological and sanitary condition, etc.) The areas are located close to the Banyliv-Pidhirny village (in the Carpathians) on a 10-hectare territory with abundant coniferous forests, far from agricultural fields. This place is a true paradise for those, who love mountains. It is surrounded by the summits of Bukovyna Carpathians on almost every side

And thus, while collecting the sap, there is a chance to enjoy the cleanness of the cool mountain air, unrivaled nature and impressive landscapes – summits of the Carpathian Mountains.

Therefore, such a healthful and ecologically clean product as birch sap made by Gals Ltd of natural and ecologically clean Carpathian raw materials has no contraindications. Anyone can drink it, except for those, who are allergic to birch pollen.