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Quality control

Gals Ltd guaranties that quality and safety of its products meet all national and international norms, standards and requirements owing to implementation of integrated quality and food safety management system in compliance with international Standards ISO 22000 and ISOTS 22000-2 (certification scheme FSSC 22000).

The company management system ensures quality and safety of all products all the way through from production to the end-consumer.

The laboratory of Gals Ltd regularly controls products quality at every stage of production process from testing of soil samples where birch trees are grown, incoming raw material, ingredients, packing material, to final products, sanitary and hygiene condition of production site at all levels, namely physical-chemical, radiological and microbiological.

In order to keep production appropriately sterile, the laboratory staff regularly carries out microbiological control of equipment, machinery, tools, packaging materials and containers, clothes and other objects.

All parameters of concentration and temperature of cleaning and disinfecting solutions, as well as water are controlled at the time of cleaning by testing in the physical-chemical libratory.

Additionally, products quality control is periodically carried out in shop shelves because our products must reach the consumer in the same high quality as they come from the production site.

In the laboratory there are stored samples from all produced batches till the end of their shelf life which makes it possible to monitor products quality during quite a long time.

The highly qualified employees making the successful team had experience in leading companies of food industry and now are constantly working to improve their qualifications and are very diligent in what they do.

These are the instruments and approaches that ensure high taste and quality characteristics of products offered by Gals Ltd.