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Raw materials


Birch sap must be collected only in ecological pure forests because trees may absorb harmful substances and exhaust smoke.

Gals Ltd collects birch sap in specially selected areas which are tested annually by international certifying organizations; tested and assessed are, in particular, soils, distance from contamination sources, environmental and sanitary conditions. The parcels, sized over 10 hectares, are situated near the village of Banyliv-Pidhirny (Carpathian region) in the area rich in coniferous forests remote from farming lands. The place is paradise for those loving the nature of mountains. The place is almost surrounded by hilltops of the Bukovyna Carpathians.

When collecting sap one can fully enjoy fresh clean mountainous air, beautiful nature and impressive landscapes of the Carpathians.

Thanks to that, birch juice produced by Gals Ltd from natural primary products taken in the Carpathian ecological surrounding has no contradictions and can be enjoyed by everyone but for people having allergy to birch pollen.