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Since only natural stuff is used by Gals Ltd to produce juices based on birch sap, much preparation and attention are required for collection of the main component.

Birch sap part in the final product makes up to 95-98% depending on part of other natural components, such as rose hips extract, mint extract, apple, cherry or lemon juices, citric acid, sugar, etc. As collecting of birch sap is a very seasonal process and this period cannot in any way be lengthened by humans, special technologies must be applied.

Sap is collected from March till April. Sap flow duration and intensity depend on weather conditions and temperature, and as soon as conditions get favourable all efforts and capacities are forwarded to collect sap in order to provide a yearly demand within two-four weeks of collecting.

Firstly, birch sap is collected into glass containers right in the forest, then it is filtered and delivered to be processed.

The processing of sap is as follows: citric acid is added (natural antioxidant and preserving compound letting sap to be stored during a year), sap is sterilized and cooled, bottled in specially prepared containers and sealed. This is the way to preserve juice and is called aseptic.

It is worth mentioning that birch sap can be stored not more that 24 hours (at temperature of 0oC +5oC) from the moment it is collected till being processed. That is why sap collected during the night is delivered from forest to the plant in the morning and that collected in daytime is delivered immediately during the same day.

Additionally, before being preserved, every container of the primary product coming from forests is tested in laboratory to meet the set quality standards. Sap getting whitish or having unusual smell means to have started fermenting. Such product and those unaccepted by the laboratory are disposed of.

This technology allows birch sap to be bottled and blended during the whole year, with all healthful properties being preserved in full.

It is not a breakthrough technology; it was developed during the Soviet times. It was then when birch juice became highly popular among all people.

Today, Gals Ltd keeps the traditions alive and goes forward with production of the healthful, natural and tasty product we took liking for when we were children.