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All our products are made of 100% natural primary products thus are recommended to everyone.

Gals Ltd products contain

  • No GMO
  • No toxins
  • No colours
  • No allergens
  • No preservatives
  • No stabilizers

Classic juices and drinks

It is a winning combination of fruit mixes with birch sap. Ancient recipes of our ancestors were used to produce this range.

It is this combination that provides us with the opportunity to enjoy incomparable tastes and receives a wide range of vitamins, amino acids and other healthful microelements.


Dietetic juices and drinks

These juices and drinks are recommended as dietetic products, especially for diabetic patients (according to the expert evaluation report produced by O.M. Marzeev Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology) and those who are on weight-control diets.

These dietetic juices are unique and have no analogues in Ukraine. Gals Ltd remains the only Ukrainian producer of dietetic juices based on birch sap. These juices, due to their chemical composition, have additionally a number of nutritional and medicinal properties, beneficial to health if compared with other juices.

Thanks to low calorie value of Glybkon TM birch juices (3.2 kcal/100 g), they can be drunk by people on diet as an alternative to water, with a better health effect.

Organic juices

These are produced according to approved rules and standards eliminating any use of artificial additives or GMOs. These products have been proved to have the highest organic quality in accordance with the Europeans standards of EU Organic Regulations 834/2007, 889/2008, thus can be exported to the EU countries.

Direct extraction juices

These are freshly squeezed juices from the best varieties of fruits and berries, not from concentrates. Once lightly pasteurized, juices are bottled in glass containers with nothing being added, either sugar or water or any other additives. This technology helps preserve natural flavour, and all healthful vitamins and microelements. These juices can render the natural taste of ripe berries, juicy fruit and vegetables.