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Landlord’s Legend (TM)

Have a drink and read!

A long time ago, in picturesque and peaceful surroundings where high hills touched the boundless blue sky, and a crystal-clear river ran in the lowland, there lived a landlord.

The landlord was very rich and all his endless lands were covered with bountiful orchards where poor peasants had to work hard for him. Fruits from those orchards were incredibly delicious and juicy and were liked by noblemen a lot.

In spite of rich harvests from the orchards, the landlord refused to pay anything to his peasants who were working so hard on his lands from dawn till dusk. For that stinginess, the peasants disliked the landlord very much.

One day, the farmhands noticed that if a fruit from the wonderful orchard is chopped to tiny pieces, there comes an incredibly tasty drink – juice.

Very soon, the fame of delicious juice was spread far beyond the local neighborhood and caused a real rush. Wealthy merchants from faraway countries came to buy the legendary juice from the villagers.

All the local villagers had plenty of the beverage to enjoy the lavish gift of nature. All but for the rich and stingy landlord. Very soon, talks about the juice reached his ears. He was eager to try the rich taste of fresh sweet fruit juiced in one jug. But the offended villagers kept their secret. And the longer they held the more the landlord dreamt of tasting the drink he heard so much about and the more he was ready to give for a gulp of that juice.

In the end, the juice made from sweet fresh fruits of wonderful orchard remained a legend for the landlord – ‘Landlord’s legend’.

Landlord’s Legend TM – are natural juices of direct extraction which were recreated based on legendary ancient recipes found in manuscripts.

Juices are offered in glass containers:

  • 1 litre bottle T/O

Direct extraction juices

These are freshly squeezed juices from the best varieties of fruits and berries, not from concentrates. Once lightly pasteurized, juices are bottled in glass containers with nothing being added, either sugar or water or any other additives. This technology helps preserve natural flavour, and all healthful vitamins and microelements. These juices can render the natural taste of ripe berries, juicy fruit and vegetables.