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Private label

CE Steele pl v

Gals Ltd is open to offers to establish beneficial cooperation with clients who want our products under their own private label. We have a vast experience of such cooperation which is proved by offering our products under the following trade marks:

  • Povna Chasha TM (supermarket chains ‘Silpo’, ‘Fora’, ‘Fozzy’ – Ukraine)
  • Premia TM (supermarket chains ‘Silpo’, ‘Fora’, ‘Fozzy’– Ukraine)
  • Po-nashomu TM (‘Karavan’ hypermarket chain – Ukraine)
  • Easy&Good TM (‘Karavan’ hypermarket chain – Ukraine)
  • Chumak TM (JSC ‘Chumak’ – Ukraine)
  • Arax TM (Fooodish s.r.o. – Czech Republic)
  • Oleofarm TM (Oleofarm Sp.z.o.o – Poland)
  • Sapwood TM (Sapwood GmbH – Germany)
  • Birchsap TM (4Saisons DPN – France)
  • Vali TM (TD Vali s.r.o. –Hungary)

Sevă de mesteacăn TM (S.C BIO-TERRA ENERGY S.R.L. – Romania)