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Spring Drops (TM)

Under Spring Drops TM you will find organic birch juice which is a natural recipe to get strengthened and reproduce your vital energy.

Products under this TM are sold in Ukraine and Europe (Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and some others)

Juices are offered in glass containers

  • 1 litre bottle T/O
  • 3 litre bottle T/O


These are produced according to approved rules and standards eliminating any use of artificial additives or GMOs. These products have been proved to have the highest organic quality in accordance with the Europeans standards of EU Organic Regulations 834/2007, 889/2008, thus can be exported to the EU countries.

OrganicOrganic foods are a mainstream trend in the Europe of the 21st century and other developed countries of the world. According to official reports, the market of organic foods is developing more dynamically than that of non-organic, as in all civilized societies still more attention is paid not only to final products but to their original components as well.