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What is birch sap?


Birch sap of sometimes called birch water is liquid inside trunks of birch trees. It is a very beneficial and healthy product containing a good deal of elements required by the human organism.

Birch sap is a remedy for any ailment.

This product with excellent palatable and medicinal properties is collected only at the break of winter and spring.

From ancient times our ancestors used birch sap not only as a tasteful drink to quench thirst but as an effective medicinal solution as well. It was taken against gout, various diseases of joints and skin such as eczema, ulcers, sores, herpes.

There were good reasons why people of the ancient Rus loved and had so much respect for the white-barked tree that dedicated it a number of heartfelt songs and poems.

Many years have passed but the drink is still recommended by the modern medicine. A great number of helpful and health-giving properties have been confirmed and further revealed by scientists.

Modern medical tests have proved that a glass of birch sap a day during 2-3 weeks will help to

  • cope with spring weakness;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • absent-mindedness;
  • general tiredness and depression.

Drinking of birch sap helps our body to crush stones in urinary bladder and kidneys, purify blood, intensify metabolic processes, favours regenerating and blood formation functions, increases body’s resistance to a cold, infectious and allergic illnesses. The drink is healthful if a person’s body is intoxicated and during anti-cancer treatment. A combination of anti-tumor and antioxidant effects has probably the most important action. In general, all medicines made from birch substances have an antioxidant effect but only birch sap is delicious and pleasant to drink.

It also may provide diuretic, tonic and antihelminthic actions. It has healing effect for treatment of gastric and duodenum ulcers, liver, gallbladder, headaches, scurvy, bronchitis and cough. It is helpful for rheumatism, radiculitis, gout, arthritis, tuberculosis. It is also recommended for low acidity.

From the point of view of phytotherapy, birch sap is one of the best natural agents for improvement of metabolism. It ferments excellently, thus produces stimulating effect on stomach functioning.

You may have never though of that but birch sap has a positive cosmetic effect too: it contributes to skin clearance and hair strengthening.

How these effects are achieved? First of all, birch sap is rich in microelements, vitamins, organic acids and tannin agents.

Birch sap contains:

  • natural sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose);
  • potassium (K), sodium (Na), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), iron (Fe), aluminium (Al) and other healthful microelements;
  • over 10 organic acids;
  • essential oils and phytoncides;
  • saponins, A, B, C vitamins;
  • biological active substances.

You should know what your body needs.

Minerals contained in birch sap are all required by a human on a daily basis. Nitrogen contributes to formation of amino acids. Sodium, potassium and chlorine keep permanent blood salts composition and osmotic pressure which in its turn is a considerable factor of preserving water in tissues and blood. Sodium ions increase capacity of proteins to keep water, and potassium and calcium ions decrease. Calcium salts in complex with phosphates and fluoride make up the mineral basis of bones and teeth. Potassium is also required for normal functioning of the nervous system and muscles contraction. A better assimilation of calcium depends on its ratio with phosphates and magnesium which is also contained in birch sap minerals. Exchange of phosphates and magnesium salts are tightly interrelated. Insufficient  magnesium salts in meal result in disturbed functioning of the nervous system and muscles contraction. Iron is indispensable for a human too. It is presented in considerable amount in blood cells which last only about three months.

Birch sap produced by Gals Ltd on the newest equipment according to ancient recipes provides you with opportunity to enjoy an incomparable taste and receive a wide range of vitamins, amino acids and other healthful microelements.

It offers everybody its natural properties and fill our bodies with real natural strength.

We have kept spring for you!