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Why glass containers?

Over several past years of Ukraine’s active living in the market economy, packaging of food and other products have become quite a commonplace.

With this, traditional and seemingly tried, especially for juice category products, have become aseptic packaging technologies by TetraPack.

Paper packets rushed into the use having replaced traditional as of the time glass jars. Such packaging being lightweight is no doubt more advantageous for logistics. And is more efficient on terms of manufacturing – it is easier to produce, and on terms of storing – it is easier to handle as there is no danger of bring broken. It is a priority from economical point as it is much cheaper than glad containers.

These advantages are immediately obvious for manufacturers and traders, but are they as much beneficial for the consumer? Do consumers know what they give up in favour of such advantages?



Let us start from the history.

Glass is considered the second material after bronze to be hand made by people as early as 5000 years ago. A then-new technology of glass produced by blowing emerged in 200 B.C. At that time glass was attributed to noblemen and the royal courts, and later became an important issue of trade. Today, glass is widely used in almost all spheres of engineering, medicine, scientific researches and everyday life. It is used for food packaging as well.

It has been shown in practice that the packaging standards testify to the level of a country’s development. Thus, recent researches carried out in 12 European countries show that over 74% of consumers prefer food and drinks to be packaged in glass containers to plastic or even cardboard or metal ones. First of all, it is due to the ability of glass to preserve taste and smell of products intact and fully preserve their properties keeping them safe from external factors.

Glass containers have been acknowledged worldwide the safest, ecological and most product-friendly packaging.

These are glass containers that are picked up for packaging of natural food and healthy products as having the following advantages:

  • chemical stability and neutrality of glass ensure preserving of food products without considerable changes. Glass does not evolve any harmful substances, has no odour, can be easily washed and disinfected;
  • transparency allows customers literally to look inside;
  • firmness and steadiness allow pouring, sealing and, in some cases, vacuuming;
  • heat-resistance (up to 500oC) allows sterilizing during packaging without artificial preservatives being added;
  • it is reusable which allows not only to save money but the environment as well. Glass is 100% recyclable.

Glass, thus, is a natural material being optimal for packaging in order to preserve all properties of a product. Glass containers are not toxic and cannot harm our health in any way.  

Today it is still more the issue, being confirmed by scientific researches, that containers and packaging can do harm to our health through their direct contact with food and drinks. In the USA, there have been recently published a report on cancer causes which warns that not enough regulations are provided for chemical substances being used which may have far-going impact on health conditions. Last year, the EU banned the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in bottles for younger children.

Gals Ltd is a producer of 100% natural ecological juices exclusively in a variety of glass containers, which keep natural taste and quality, since we do care about our clients, and are eager to deliver them healthful products of the highest quality.